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Journey - Hollywood Bowl - June 2015

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P6213720_resizeP6213720_resizeJourney 2015 Hollywood Bowl

Journey - Hollywood Bowl - June 2015

During a vacation in the US a few months ago, we got tickets to see Journey play a special one-off show with the LA Philharmonic Orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl.  This venue is a very prestigious one, with many world famous artists playing as guests of the LAPO.  Usually, these guests get to play two or three songs.  In this case, the opening night of the summer season, the LAPO allowed Journey to play a full set with them - I believe that's the first time that has happened there.  It was also the first time in Journey's career that they have played with a full orchestra. 

Because of my previous work with Journey I was able to get a photo pass for the event, but all photographers were severely restricted in that all photos had to be taken from level with the mixing desk, which was probably some 50 metres from the stage.  This was a restriction imposed by the venue and Journey had no control over it.

Because I was on vacation I only had my tiny travel camera and lenses with me.  It was a struggle from that distance but given the circumstances I don't think these came out too badly.  And actually, during the fireworks, being that far back turned out to be a benefit as I could get the whole Bowl and fireworks in shot.

The show itself was amazing.  Journey's music translates very well to orchestral arrangements, and the LAPO is one of the best orchestras in the world.  The band looked to be having fun, and the event also raised huge amounts for charity.



Warner E Hodges Band 2015 Bristol

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P9055858_resizeP9055858_resizeWarner E Hodges Band

Bristol September 2015


Warner E Hodges Band

Warner is more often seen as the guitarist in Dan Baird's Homemade Sin and in Jason & the Scorchers.  However, he also has his own band, which gives him a showcase to demonstrate how good a guitarist he is.  This particular gig was in a marquee at a cider festival in the West Country, which didn't make for the greatest lighting or atmosphere, but the band sounded great.  Well worth catching if they come to play anywhere near you.



Tyketto @ Camden Underworld - 28th July 2015

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Tyketto are a band with a bunch of great songs and a quality of performance that never falls short of excellent.  To those who know them they are a must-see band.  To those who don't... well you are missing out.

They were doing just a few dates this time around, and the only one I could physically get to was the London date, at Camden Underworld on Tuesday night. 

The Underworld is a nice venue for atmosphere, as it is small and intimate and usually filled (as it was on Tuesday).  Unfortunately it is also probably one of the worst venues in the UK to photograph at.  There is no photo pit, the only place to effectively take pictures is from the side of the stage, and the lighting is generally either red or black (non existent), with an occasional spotlight hotspot to white-out any detail.  

Here are a few shots of the show - I converted them all to black and white simply to avoid the worst of the red lighting.


Tyketto - Camden, July 2015



Ramblin' Man Fair - 25th - 26th July 2015

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I spent last weekend as a regular fan at this new festival in Kent.  I didn't even try to get a photo pass, because with UK festivals unless you are working specifically for a major publication the answer is almost inevitably no.  Also, as it was the first festival here, I wanted to experience the whole thing, not just see everything from the photo pit.

The festival itself was fantastic (at least the Saturday - more on the Sunday later),  Everything was pretty well organized but laid back, the sun was shining, and each of the bands we saw put in brilliant performances.

I took my new Olympus EM10 MFT camera for it's first workout as my sole camera at this kind of event (I usually have two huge Canons).  The Olympus is half the size and less than half the weight of just one of my Canons, so is much more convenient to carry around in the crowd and attracts much less attention.

Anyway, despite not working in any official capacity I did take a few pics of several of the bands we saw.  Here are my pics of FM, taken from various locations in the crowd as I wandered around....

P7255009P7255009FM @ Ramblin' Man Fair - July 2015

FM @ Ramblin' Man Fair - July 2015 

Considering how far back from the stage I was for most of the day I think the Olympus fared rather well.

I took lots of pics of FM because I could and because they are friends of mine.  I shot several other bands too (including The Scorpions, Camel, Saxon, Blue Oyster Cult, Toseland, Jason & the Scorchers, No Hot Ashes and others), but not nearly as many pics.  I will post those pics when I've got around to editing them.

If Saturday was all the best in terms of weather at a British open air festival, Sunday contained some of the very worst weather.  It was windy and raining for the whole day, from before breakfast until we finally decided enough was enough and departed, around 4pm.  It was so wet I didn't take my camera out of its bag.  It's a shame we didn't get to see some of the bands scheduled for later that day, and I felt sorry for those who had already played in the pouring rain (including an excellent set by The Quireboys) but there is always next year.

Concerts in 2015

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Round-up of some of 2014 concerts

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Thunder Xmas shows - December 2013

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It's become something of a tradition in recent years.  Whatever else they may or may not be up to, Thunder have done a couple of shows in the run up to Christmas each year, and these shows tend to be something special.  With guest musicians and different arrangements of Thunder songs (the classics and some lesser known songs) plus the Thunder treatment to covers of some other classic songs, it's a musical extravaganza and a real party atmosphere from the first minute to the last.

Not only that, but both shows are recorded and the result is a live CD sent to everybody who bought a ticket for either show. 

I photographed both shows in December (as in previous years), to provide images for the CD booklet.  Here's a selection of about 80 images from the shows...

Thunder 2013 Xmas shows

A few of these might find their way onto the CD, but the CD also contains a few exclusive pics you won't find here.  Regardless, I hope this give you some idea of what a fabulously enjoyable experience the Thunder Christmas shows are.


Trans-Siberian Orchestra - London Hammersmith Apollo

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Trans-Siberian OrchestraTrans-Siberian OrchestraTrans-Siberian Orchestra - Hammersmith Apollo, London January 2014

Earlier this month I was fortunate to be allowed to shoot this fabulous show from their World tour, comprising great rock music, ten of the greatest singers I've heard in a long time, and a lights and pyrotechnics extravaganza to make any concert photographer drool.  Not only that, because there was no photo pit, the TSO management gave me a front row centre seat from which to take pics.  Here are some of the results...

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - London Hammersmith - January 2014

Tax The Heat - Portsmouth November 2013

December 27, 2013  •  1 Comment

Tax The HeatTax The Heat

Tax The Heat - Portsmouth November 2013

These guys were supporting The Union on their Autumn tour.  Unfortunately I only managed to shoot one of their shows, which is a pity because they sounded amazing and have a bright future ahead of them.  I'll be looking out for their future shows. 

The Union - UK Autumn Tour

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...And here's the rest of the tour...

The Union - UK Autumn tour 2013

The Union - Sheffield November 2013

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Limehouse Lizzy - Swindon October 2013

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Firefest X - Nottingham 2013

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This was the tenth anniversary of Firefest melodic rock festival, and the fourth that I've covered as official photographer.  Twenty bands playing over three days, and my job was to shoot the whole set of each band.  Firefest has an amazing atmosphere each year, with fans coming from all over the world to experience the premier festival for this genre of music.

Anyway, here are my galleries of pics from the Firefest 2013 shows.


MelodicRockFest 3 - September 2013

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In September I flew to Chicago to cover a three day melodic rock festival, featuring some 31 bands over the three days.  I was on a very tight timetable, arriving just a few hours before the first band took the stage on Friday, and heading home almost immediately after the last band had played on Sunday night/Monday morning.  I did manage to shoot the whole set of 29 of the 31 bands, the results of which can be viewed here...

MRF3 Galleries


FM - Stourbridge July 2013

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